In October, GLAAM had a terrific Fall Picnic in Griffith Park, with over 60 people in attendance. These picnics started as a chance for the members of Mensa and their guests to get together and enjoy a day in the fresh air. The last few times, with some encouraging email blasts, they have also turned out to be a wonderful event for the GLAAM Youth group and their families.

Attending families included 20 bright kids ages 6–17 playing boxed games at the picnic tables, playing badminton with a net, chatting and running around with other kids, and even climbing a tree.

And everyone enjoyed make-your own-sandwiches, pizza, and noodles provided by the chapter, and desserts and other treats brought by the attendees. Watch for announcements about the Spring Picnic on April 22, 2017 — Earth Day (Mark your calendars now!!)

Picnic in the Park October 2016