NOTE: It seems many people like to put together collections of puzzles and label them IQ Tests. You should be aware that the professionals and businesses who construct and publish clinical and academic tests of intelligence spend literally millions of dollars developing and norming them. They do not make them available to the general public, let alone publish them and their answers on the World Wide Web. Any self-styled IQ tests you find on the Web should be understood for what they are: A collection of challenging puzzles to be solved for your own amusement. Mensa does not accept scores on any of them as proof of qualification for membership.




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High IQ societies

Minimum percentile in parentheses:

NOTE: Some of these societies have multiple Web pages, all claiming to be official. Politics within small organizations can be quite vicious (perhaps because the stakes are so miniscule). This can lead to multiple factions and splinter groups. We’ve done our best to choose among them, but can make no guarantees as to authenticity. The list below contains only societies for which some kind of Internet presence could be found.

For an interesting discussion of High IQ societies, see Darryl Miyaguchi’s History of High IQ Societies.

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