One of the most fun aspects of membership in Mensa is the chance to meet other Mensans! The links you can navigate from this page include the opportunity to find and connect with members directly as well as links that some of our members have found interesting to them.

We have provided contact information for our various chapter officers who can often provide information about our organization as well as help with with any difficulties or questions you may have.

We have also provided information about our chapter’s physical boundaries, our monthly newsletter, and our local Special Interest Groups. Look for a list of GLAAM’s notable volunteers in our Hall of Fame.

Finally—as it is sometimes necessary to have information that is relevant only to our members—you can find detailed Board minutes, governing documents, and agendas for upcoming Board meetings under the Members Only section. Detailed calendar listings will also be found there as well.

We hope that this information is both fun and helpful to you! If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of GLAAM’s Board members, committee chairs, and coordinators, whether you are a member of still just thinking about it!