2006 Schedule of Events

(Please note that this Regional Gathering has concluded!)

Friday, February 17

3:00 PM Registration Begins

4:00 PM Hospitality Opens Plaza A

Game Room Opens Plaza A

5:00 PM Status of LAX Modernization Plaza B

Join Jim Ritchie, Deputy Executive Director for Los Angeles World Airport for this PowerPoint presentation on Los Angeles World Airport and the status of the proposed changes.

5:15 PM Murder Mystery Plaza A

A murderer has been killing off Mensans throughout the RG. Can you catch the person in the act? Even if not, can you figure out whodunnit? Or what the motive is? Join us as "Inspector" Ed You and "Detective" Viki Kind explain the rules (or see them at the Palabra table throughout the weekend for any delayed starts). Talk with the victims, your fellow sleuths, and even non-sleuthing attendees to try to get the info you need to get to the bottom of it all (and meet people in the process). Solve the crime, and win a prize. Solve the motive, and win a prize. Join "Inspector" You at the end of this 47-hour mystery when he "arrests" the culprit and explains the motive for the murder spree.

5:30 PM Puzzle Games Plaza C

Interactive puzzle solving contest, hosted by Alan Stillson, will involve short word puzzles. The winner will receive a copy of Alan's book.

5:30 PM Security at LAX Plaza D

Join Cpt. LaPonda J. Fitchpatrick, Commanding Officer, Homeland Security Section, for this general overview of how LAX is secured. In particular, focus will be on inter-agency cooperation with a brief description of the duties of each public safety agency's responsibilities that either work at or respond to LAX.

6:30 PM Dinner Hospitality

7:00 PM New Member Reception Plaza B

Desiree Sagray hosts a reception for new members who wish to find out more about what Mensa has to offer. Stop by and say hello to our newest Mensans.

7:30 PM GenX Meet & Greet Plaza C

Danielle Hanne, the LA GenX Coordinator invites all GenX Ms to come out, say hello and find out what GenX Events are going on at the RG and throughout the Chapter. Justin Kis, the Pub Crawl Master, will be making a special appearance before heading off to the Pub Crawl.

8:00 PM FILK Plaza D

Filk singing started as a typo for "folk" at a science-fiction convention. Original melodies and parodies with a science, sci-fi, or social commentary theme. Most of the songs are humorous. Featuring GLAAM's own Alan Stillson.

GenX Pub Crawl

Follow Crawl Master Justin from Salon C to the waiting vans that will whisk you away to Hermosa Beach for an evening of Crawl Activities! Vans will depart from the last stop in Hermosa Beach at 1:30 AM for the return trip to the LAX Hilton.

9:00 PM Scrabble® Tournament Games Room

Join Michael Wong for this first of game tournaments at the RG. We simply have too many sets of this classic favorite to not have this event!

"Get the Ron's..." Plaza B

Ron Talkov, Ron Caspi, and friends direct an open discussion on the topic: The Universe: Design vs. Chance. See the handout in your Registration Packet for more details regarding the substance of this presentation.

trivia for staRGazers Plaza C

Join Beverly Miller for some fiendishly difficult trivia in this frenetic and fun environment!

10:00 PM Carnelli Plaza D

This favorite game of Mensans returns to the RG this year for lots of fun and fast paced action. Come out and test your ability to make the quick connections before time runs out!

11:00 PM Late Night Movie Plaza A

No definite plans here, but with all the space and potential interest attendees can pick a movie to show while munching on snacks from Hospitality.

Saturday, February 18

7:45 AM Morning Stretch Plaza C

Grab a towel (or mat if you have one!), put on some comfy clothes and come on down for some easy movement to light music to get the body going for another fun filled day! Approx. 30 minutes.

8:00 AM Breakfast Hospitality

We'll tempt your palate with a Continental Breakfast to start your day.

8:15 AM Walkers Registration

Join David Fenig for some mild exercise this morning while enjoying a walking tour of the surrounding area.

9:00 AM "Guess Who!" Hospitality

Join RVC Henry Miller and members of the GLAAM Board for this open time to visit. Consider this the GLAAM version of "Town Meeting" and feel free to bring your questions, concerns, or ideas to them. These are your representatives and a perfect opportunity to acquaint yourself with them!

"Once Upon A Time..." Plaza B

Bibliophiles unite! Join Jana Bickel with one or some of your favorite books to share and find out about other gems worth familiarizing yourself with!

Mensa Testing Plaza D

We will be administering the Mensa test this morning. Please be considerate of our test takers and avoid loud noises or unnecessary movement past the indicated signs. We wish our future members the best!

10:15 AM Griffith Observatory Satellite Facility

Meet your Driver in the Registration Area. During the renovations of the historic building, the staff and personnel of the Griffith Observatory have set-up a Satellite Facility on the northern corner of Griffith Park. There are some exhibits and a Mini-Planetarium for visitors to peruse and enjoy. The Planetarium show is hosted by an astronomer who will take questions allowing for audience participation to guide the presentation. Any minors MUST be accompanied by an adult. The van will depart Griffith Park for the return trip to the Hilton at 2:30 PM.

The Erotic Museum

Meet your driver in the Registration Area. Found on Hollywood Blvd. between Disney and Liberace, this 6,000 square foot museum is one of the most intriguing sites special to Hollywood. Due to location and time allowed, participants will likely be able to enjoy a self-guided walking tour of historic Hollywood attractions in the neighborhood. The van will depart from the front of the Museum at 2:00 PM for the return trip to the Hilton. This Trip costs $5.00 per person. ADULTS ONLY.

10:30 AM The Art of Sensual Touch Plaza B

Wouldn't you like to become better at touch? Join Dr. Patti as she reprises this Playshop Experience from the OC RG and takes you through the steps for preparing the perfect environment, setting your intention, the benefits of touch, learning how to give/receive sensual pleasure, the Touch Continuum, your body's hot spots, and the four basic strokes that anyone can master. Hands-on practice (with clothes on) will be a fun part of this workshop.

11:00 AM Taboo Tournament Games Room

Come on over and test your ability to get team members to say the target word without using the 5 best clues!

12:00 PM Lunch Hospitality

Time for some nosh!

1:00 PM Avoid Being Terri Schiavo Plaza B

Who will speak for you when you are unconscious?  Having an Advance Healthcare Directive will give you control when you can't speak for yourself.   Viki Kind will tell you what really happens in the hospital and how to protect yourself.

Australia Plaza C

Joy Gaylord shares with us some of her travel logs and insights into this friendly and picturesque country.

Williams Style Trivia Plaza D

Form teams that must solve the questions with limited resources before the song runs out! Jared Levine, alumnus from Williams College, is sharing this unique brand of Trivia play pared down for the RG venue.

White Elephant Check-In Registration

From 1:00 until 6:30 you are asked to drop your White Elephant donations off at the Registration Desk. We thank everyone in advance for their offers as we try and raise money for the GLAAM MERF Scholarship!

2:30 PM Environmental Grief® Plaza B

We have taken the natural resources of our planet for granted for too long. An ever-expanding human population is resulting in the pollution, erosion and eventual destruction of our environment. With increased news coverage and access to information, there is a growing minority of people who are reacting to these affronts on our planet with Environmental Grief®. Join Kriss Kevorkian for a look at this emerging topic.

Tax Plaza C

Join Linda Dorfmont E. A., CFP, CSA as she shares with us how the IRS tracks income and deductions and how one can avoid an audit!

2:45 PM Trivial Pursuit Tournament Games Room

Are you a Trivia Maven? This is your chance to prove it! In this Individual Style Tournament, we are pulling out the most recent versions of the game we have available and inviting any takers in a cut-throat tourney to the finish!

3:00 PM Dennis Doyle – Celtic Harpist Plaza D

Dennis is a Celtic harpist, singer and storyteller. He's performed in Ireland, Japan and throughout North America, a veteran performer at most major Irish and Celtic, and Folk festivals. He's appeared several times on national television, including the show "Murder, She Wrote" and has performed background music for many others. He sings in English, Latin and Irish-Gaelic.

4:00 PM Keeping the Spark Alive... Plaza B

...How to bring more passion into your intimate relationship now.... Is passion what's missing in your intimate relationship? In this workshop you will learn five key strategies for igniting passion before, during and after S-E-X. You'll have a chance firsthand to learn how couples can re-spark their intimate relationships--- including the power of fantasy, erotic talk, opening the senses, and anchoring connectivity---with specific tips & techniques for amazing sex, based on the "Modern Kama Sutra: An Erotic Workshop for Couples" DVD series hosted by our speaker, Dr. Patti. (DVD series is available at: www.lovingsex.com and at our table). For Adults Only.

News Discussion Plaza C

Stratton Lindenmeyer leads a discussion on current events.

4:30 PM Sing Along Plaza D

Our host, Alan Stillson, will provide the piano and the song books, you provide the voice. Enjoy the pleasures of group singing, from folk songs of the 50's and 60's to Broadway show tunes, country, and rock music.

5:00 PM Palabra Tournament Games Room

Join Ed You for this ever classic event at the GLAAM RG. Ed You is "the" person to show you how to play Palabra and get you hooked on this fun cross between traditional cards and word games.

5:30 PM Beer! Plaza B

Join Bill Taylor, a brewer in his own right, for this fun presentation on beer.

5:30 PM Let's Think Outside the Planet! Plaza C

Join Paul R. Harrison, PhD, for this discussion on global warming where we try to look at the big picture by examining physical laws, KISS principles, and then do the math! It is hoped that by reducing this complex problem to modular simplicity, testing for reality, we can put the pieces back together in a realistic manner. This presentation will be opinions based on reported facts and phenomena.

6:30 PM Banquet Plaza D

Come join us for an Italian Buffet this evening. Some tickets may still be available and you should check at the Registration Desk. Banquet tickets are $39 ($61 for an entire meal plan).

7:30 PM KEYNOTE Plaza B

Presenter: Rabbi Jason van Leeuwen

New Insights in Kabbalah and Cosmology
In the 16th Century, the legendary Kabbalist Rabbi Isaac Luria spoke of the "breaking of the vessels," a mystical theory of the creation of the universe eerily similar to the Big Bang Theory.  Further discoveries in quantum physics have yielded even more parallels to Kabbalah. Everyone is invited as together we trace the development of Kabbalistic cosmology and discuss its implications.

8:30 PM White Elephant Set-Up Plaza B

Calling All Volunteers! As we move the donated items from the Registration area to Plaza B and organize them for the Silent Auction benefiting the GLAAM MERF Scholarship, this is an opportunity to look the items over and consider those that are worth a bid or two!

Carnelli Plaza C

Master TBA, but come on over and jump into Round Two of this favorite game of Mensa!

9:00 PM White Elephant Silent Auction To Benefit MERF Plaza B

In an effort to increase our giving to benefit Scholarships for undergraduate students in our area, GLAAM is now supporting a local MERF Scholarship. This is your opportunity to get more involved and contribute in this tax deductible and fun way. Stop by and see what looks interesting; enter bids on those you find interesting; and throughout the evening stop by to check on the status of your bid. Bidding stops promptly at 11:00 PM! Between 11:00 – 11:30, we will process collections from bidders and provide appropriate receipts.

9:30 PM PLANET 80'S – DANCING!! Plaza D

Get into the groove with Planet 80's! This high-energy combo has been rocking out the hits for over five years. They perform attired in appropriate eighties garb in the style of icons Duran Duran, Billy Idol, George Michael and Adam Ant. Come On Eileen, Hold Me Now and let's do the Safety Dance! Everybody Have Fun Tonight with Tainted Love and a Rebel Yell, as we party like it's 1999!

11:30 PM Adult Trivial Pursuit Tournament Games Room

Consider capping off your night with a hilarious and frolicsome trivia game played in teams. How well do you know your adult oriented jokes and riddles?

Late Night Movie Plaza A

Repeating the theme from Friday....

Sunday, February 19

7:45 AM Morning Stretch Plaza C

8:00 AM Breakfast Hospitality

8:15 AM Walkers Registration

9:00 AM Lawless California: Manifest Destiny Run Amok! Plaza D

There really was a period of a couple of years, between the end of the Mexican War (Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, February 2, 1848) and admission to the U.S. (September 9, 1850) where there was no viable enforceable law in California other than what was provided by the U.S. Army.  Every man for himself! Join Beverly Miller for a discussion on this wild period in California's history.

9:30 AM Dr. IQ Trivia Plaza C

Test your knowledge against Dr. IQ. Stratton Lindenmeyer will ask questions and invite audience members to bring ten of their own questions.

10:00 AM Times-Up! Tournament Games Room

This popular game challenges participants' abilities to clue famous people through words and actions. See how many your team can guess before Times-Up!

Presenting Partners With Paws... Plaza B

Come join Linda Simon and Skyler as they demonstrate how service animals can help the disabled in our community overcome common obstacles.

11:00 AM Brunch Plaza D

This buffet style Brunch requires a ticket. Some tickets may still be available and you should check at the Registration Desk.

11:30 AM KID'S TRACK 11:30 AM – 6:00 PM Plaza C

See below for schedule of events.

12:00 PM Mormon 101 Plaza B

Join Brian Madsen for his gracious and respectful look into this interesting subject as he shares his perspectives as a Mormon and ex-Mormon.

12:30 PM Treasure Hunt Plaza D

Form teams and solve various types of puzzles created by hunt-master Nikki Frey.

1:00 PM Encore Tournament Games Room

Test your knowledge of songs and song lyrics. Teams compete by getting a word and then singing lines from songs with that word in it!

1:30 PM Team Trivia! Plaza B

Join Joy Gaylord for this popular program as two teams compete against each other — often managing to "discuss" their ways to the correct answers!

2:30 PM GenX Cranium Games Room

This popular event hosted by the GenX SIG is an opportunity for everybody to participate. This diverse game requires teams of various skills and personalities to successfully navigate the board to victory!

Jennifer Vazquez Plaza D

Jennifer was born and raised in the Bronx. While attending Stony Brook University, she became lead vocalist for the band "Blush". She began her solo career in New York clubs like the Bitter End and the Baggot Inn before relocating to LA. Jen was named one of the top 100 unsigned artists of 2003, 2004 and 2005 by Music Connection magazine and received honorable mention in Billboard's 2003 & 2004 Annual World Song Contests.

3:00 PM Music Trivia Plaza B

Win Mensa Bucks by guessing the names of songs based on sound bites from recordings Robert Savenye will play for you.

4:15 PM Murder Mystery Conclusion Plaza A

Join Ed You for this nail-biting conclusion!

4:30 PM Name That Tune! Plaza B

Alan Stillson will play a few bars of a song on the piano, and you provide the title. Win Mensa Bucks!

Hypnosis & Past Life Regression Plaza D

Are you curious about hypnosis? Are you curious about your possible past lives? Could unresolved conflicts in a past life be affecting you in your present life? Join Melissa Skirboll to explore this fascinating subject and personally experience it in a supportive and safe environment.

6:00 PM Dinner Hospitality

Come on and see what Jared's served up this time!

GenX Dinner Party Plaza A

For those of you who have been scarce at the RG, this is the opportunity to come out and mingle with fellow attendees for some fun, fellowship, and food!

6:45 PM Raffle Hospitality

You can purchase raffle tickets during dinner. However, promptly at 6:45 PM we will start drawing winners. See Registration Handout Mensa Bucks FAQ for a list of specific prizes!

7:00 PM Spelling Bee Plaza B

Think you are good at spelling? Come to the Spelling Bee led by Stratton Lindenmeyer and find out how you match up to your fellow Mensans.

8:00 PM CLUB GLAAM Plaza D

This popular program from last year is back! Enjoy casino games, like Blackjack, Roulette and Craps. Shake your hips to an eclectic variety of dance music spun by pro DJ David McCracken of Fastmill Productions. Join in the fun by performing your favorite Karaoke hits.

8:30 PM Lawyer's Games Plaza C

Myron Faverman will set up a story with a mystery and you have to solve it.

10:00 PM Open Mic Plaza C

If you play an instrument, sing, dance, recite, impersonate, act, tell jokes, or do full stand-up routines — come to our Open Mic program and share with all! Try and keep presentations to 5 minutes or less. Encores permitted if time allows.

11:00 PM Fishbowl Plaza B

A free-wheeling, non-judgmental forum where you can ask those questions you have always wanted to ask of members of the other sex — and actually get some answers! There are sure to be many laughs and maybe a few revelations. Moderators: Brian Madsen and Carla Young.

11:59 PM Late Night Movie Plaza A

Monday, February 20

7:45 AM Morning Stretch for Walkers Plaza C

8:00 AM Breakfast Hospitality

8:15 AM Walkers Registration

8:30 AM Morning Stretch Plaza C

9:00 AM Media Exchange Drop-Off Plaza D

Bring your books, movies, tapes, CD's, DVD's, and periodicals and check them in for vouchers to be redeemed in the next hour.

10:00 AM Media Exchange Browsing Plaza D

Return and claim those items that you have sufficient vouchers for! Browse the trades from your fellow Mensans and take home that gem that is "new to you!"

10:30 AM Food Sales Hospitality

Any unused food and drink items will be available for purchase. Don't let it go to waste!

11:30 AM Final Clean Up



There will be a Mensa Gifted Children's Group (MGCG) Table/Area set aside in Hospitality that will serve as a general meeting place for Gifted Children attending the RG and their parents. This area will include activities, supplies, and other items of interest for our younger attendees. The MGCG Table will be staffed according to the following schedule:

Friday 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Saturday 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM


This schedule is a "loose plan" that will serve as a basic guideline but is subject to change depending on interest from the participants. We remind parents that children under 8 years of age should have a parent participant with them in the Kid's Track Room. Minors under the age of 18 must have a parent present at the RG at all times that the minor is present.

12:00 PM Pizza Lunch
12:30 PM Crafts
1:30 PM Madeline's Minute Mysteries
2:00 PM Desiree's Dance & Musical Movement
3:00 PM Stillson Games
3:45 PM Game Room Trip
4:30 PM Scavenger Hunt
6:00 PM Kid's Track Concludes