2008 Schedule of Events

Friday, February 15

3:00 PM: Registration Begins Outside Santa Barbara

3:00 PM: Mystery Activity Check-In Hospitality

After familiarizing yourself with the general instructions provided to you at time of Registration and securing the necessary minimum number of team members (6), complete your Mystery Activity Registration and proceed to Hospitality for your supplies and further details. Note: Your teams must consist of the minimum number or more, and no person can be on more than one team. All team members must be registered for the RG at time of check-in for the Mystery Activity. This activity portion will run through Saturday evening with results presented on Sunday. Not all team members need to be registered for Sunday to participate. Prizes will be awarded for winning entries.

4:00 PM: Hospitality Opens South Tower Exec. Suite

All sorts of food and beverage are available for your enjoyment throughout the weekend starting at this time (possibly as early as 3:00 PM). Find out the room number at the RG Registration Desk.

4:00 PM: Game Room Opens South Tower Exec. Suite

We've got a decent number of games available to play. Please keep them inside this room only, and make sure to put ALL of the components of a game back within the appropriate game's box, so others can fully enjoy the game, too. Your cooperation is appreciated. Find out the room number at the Registration Desk.

5:00 PM: Friday Follies Planning Session Santa Inez

Join your fellow Mensans for this opportunity to select, plan, detail, and rehearse your contribution to the Friday Follies Showcase later this evening. Make new friends, renew acquaintances, and decide if you want to work as a solo act, duet, or be part of a larger group! During this one-hour planning session you'll find suggestions, props, music, and other accoutrements to assist you in planning your presentation to share with your fellow Mensans. Provided ideas will focus on re-interpretation of iconic movie scenes or the political events of the day. Go with one of our suggestions OR come up with your own ideas to share!

5:00 PM: Werewolves & Villagers Santa Clara

By night, werewolves kill off villagers. By day, angry villagers kill off other villagers… who they think are werewolves in disguise. (But, oops, sometimes they just kill off innocent villagers.) Werewolves requires observation, some deduction, and a lot of bald-faced lying. Who will prevail? The werewolves? The villagers? Join Ed You for this interactive game.

5:45 PM: Dinner Hospitality

Your server for this evening will be… Okay—not really… But we still invite you to join the rest of us in Hospitality as we enjoy buffet-style service in the South Tower Executive Suite being used this weekend for Hospitality. (See the RG Registration Desk for the room number.) As a gentle reminder to all attendees, we always need volunteers to help clear trash and set food out. Please see Desiree Sagray to arrange a time for you to help out in Hospitality. Similarly, we want to remind everyone that we need to be clearing our own tables and trash. Please be considerate of everyone else and help keep the area clean.

Also, we would ask that you try to keep the food and beverages in Hospitality. You are specifically requested not to carry any food or beverages through the other parts of the Hotel. In the interest of assisting with clean-up, we would ask that you try to keep the snacks and beverages in the Hospitality suite to avoid the necessity of clean up in the other Program Rooms. Your cooperation is appreciated.

6:15 PM: New Member Reception Santa Barbara

Welcome to all New Members who joined in the last year! This is an information session and meet 'n greet for new members who wish to find out more about what Mensa has to offer. Learn about opportunities to participate in the chapter, including working on next year's RG. Stop by and say hello to our newest Mensans.

6:30 PM: Good Stories: Narrative and Virtue in the Postmodern Age Santa Inez

Virtue ethics is a philosophical tradition that approaches ethics with a much wider scope than, for example, deontological ethics (e.g., Immanuel Kant) or consequentialist ethics (e.g., John Stuart Mill), asking the question “what should I do?” in the context of the broader questions “what constitutes human flourishing?” and “who should I be?” However, traditional versions of virtue ethics are confronted by substantial challenges in the so-called postmodern context, chief among these is the lure of relativism. Dr. Brian Treanor will discuss the role of virtue in human flourishing, with a particular eye to flourishing in (1) the “postmodern” milieu and (2) a time of ecological crisis.

6:30 PM: Gen Y Meet 'n Greet Santa Clara

Want to meet others your age? Gen Y is a newer SIG, filling the gap where GenX leaves off. We are geared towards those born between 1976 and 1988, but are open to anyone interested in activities and discussions focused on people in their twenties. Join Gen Y coordinator Ronni Peck and other Gen Y'ers at the Meet 'n Greet and get to know other Ms in their 20s or early 30s before we join GenX on their Pub Crawl!

7:15 PM: GenX Meet 'n Greet Santa Barbara

Come spend a little time getting to know some of the GenX'ers from GLAAM and around the country before departing on the Pub Crawl.

7:30 PM: GenX Pub Crawl Santa Barbara

Enjoy the bars, saloons, and taverns of Manhattan Beach, personally selected by our Crawlmaster, Justin Kis. Transportation to and from the Pub Crawl will be provided on a first come, first served basis. Meet up at the GenX Meet 'n Greet and depart from there. Open to all RG-goers at least 21 years old. Expect to be carded at each establishment.

8:00 PM: Name That Tune! Santa Barbara

This long-standing RG tradition will be played once more. How quickly can you associate a few notes with the title of a song you haven't heard in years? Join host Alan Stillson, leader of the GLAAM Folksong SIG, for this fun, musical game.

9:00 PM: Friday Follies Showcase Santa Barbara

Late arrival? No worries! The first part will provide additional time for new arrivals to catch up while Showcase participants — your fellow RG attendees! — finish off set-up instructions and blocking considerations. Beginning at 10:20, the Showcase will start as we enjoy the contributions of our Mensans. Mensa Bucks awarded for participation and for audience-judged categories and awards.

9:15 PM: Filk Music Performance Santa Barbara

Filk got its name when a group of people at a sci-fi convention met to sing folk music and parodies, and there was a typo in the program. The name stuck and the genre still lives. There are filk groups throughout the world, including greater L.A. If you like sci-fi, science and social musical satire, you'll love this stuff. Alan Stillson is the leader of the GLAAM Folksong SIG and an active filker. Other L.A.-area filkers will be invited, but we don't know if the hotel has a port for beaming.

9:45 PM: BYOB Wine Tasting Hospitality

The name really says it all. Is the Pub Crawl not your scene, but you would still enjoy imbibing a few spirits in good company? Bring your favorite reasonably priced bottle to share.

11:00 PM: Carnelli Santa Inez

This classic Mensa word-association game consists of movies, music, books, and whatever else the capricious and arbitrary host will allow. Will perennial champion Gloria Greengard defend her title? Maybe, unless you knock her off her throne!

Saturday, February 16

8:00 AM: Breakfast Hospitality

We'll tempt your palate with a continental breakfast to start your day.

9:00 AM: Spelling Bee Santa Barbara

Think you are good at spelling? Come on down and find out how you match up to your fellow Mensans in Stratton Lindenmeyer's devious contest.

9:00 AM: J.R.R. Tolkien: The Man Behind The Lord of the Rings Santa Inez

50 years ago, an Oxford professor of Old English published a book which would go on to sell millions of copies, establish a new genre, influence the lives of many, cause its author to be named “Author of the Century,” and be the subject of a major motion picture. What is this book — The Lord of the Rings —and who was J.R.R. Tolkien, its author? This talk, presented by Nancy Martsch, will briefly summarize The Lord of the Rings; survey Tolkien's life and writing, with emphasis on his early life and influence on his masterwork; and finish with the effect The Lord of the Rings has had upon the world.

9:00 AM: Mensa Testing Board Room

We will be administering the Mensa test this morning. Invite your family and friends to take the official Mensa exam and see if they qualify for membership in Mensa. Please be considerate of our test-takers and avoid loud noises or unnecessary movement past the indicated signs. We wish our future members the best!

9:45 AM: Board and Election Q&A Santa Clara

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a member of the GLAAM Board? Curious about the responsibilities Board members fulfill? This is your opportunity to have these and other questions answered by current members of the GLAAM Board of Directors.

10:30 AM: Sudokugrams Santa Barbara

Sudokugrams, Alan Stillson's ninth book (co-authored by Frank Longo and published by Sterling in 2007) and seventh official American Mensa puzzle book, is the first Sudoku variation book to use letter play (anagrams). You'll love the way that the logic of Sudoku is integrated with word skills. Alan will cover a few sample puzzles and we'll group-solve some others. You can get a heads-up by clicking onto http://stillsonworks.com and trying the sample puzzles. Autographed copies of Sudokugrams and Alan Stillson's other books will be available for purchase.

10:30 AM: Genealogy 101: How to Start Your Family History Research Santa Clara

Join Lenard Mc Donald as he demonstrates family history computer programs and gives an introduction to genetics as you begin your search into your roots.

11:00 AM: Taboo Santa Inez

This is the classic party game where you give your teammates clues to guess a key word, but you can't say the five most logical clues printed on the card. Jay Friedlander hosts.

12:00 PM: Lunch Hospitality

Time for some nosh!

12:00 PM: Kids Track Conference Room

The RG goes on all four days of Presidents Day weekend and young people and their families are welcome to attend the whole time, but for those of you who just want to try the RG out, the Youth Gathering is on Saturday afternoon. Younger kids will have activities such as crafts, games, dance movement, and a scavenger hunt. Older kids can meet each other in Hospitality for tasty treats and perhaps a game or two, then can wander about in gangs.

12:30 PM: Mystery Activity Late Check-In Hospitality

For those not yet committed to teams and/or late arrivals, this is your last chance to secure a team and register for the Mystery Activity! Review the instructions provided at the RG Registration Desk and proceed to Hospitality to confirm your participation.

1:00 PM: Sing-Along Santa Barbara

An hour of fun group singing from some of the best pages of our Folksong SIG songbook. Bring your own acoustical instrument if you have one with you. One of life's few certainties is that this program is always a hoot. Alan Stillson is the leader of the GLAAM Folksong SIG.

1:00 PM: RVC Rap Santa Inez

Meet the Regional Vice Chairman, Clark Jones, and hear what's going on around the Region. If requested, he can give a quick overview of how American Mensa is organized at the national level, and the sorts of things that the various people do. Questions will be welcomed, and Clark will attempt to play “politician” and answer them.

1:00 PM: Restoring the Founders' Republic Santa Clara

The Founders left the power to draw voting districts in the safest hands they could conceive of — the representatives of the people. They apparently could not find a way to avoid the inherent conflict of interest that would allow politicians to use the redistricting power to gerrymander, to deny the people a fair vote, and to thus maintain themselves in office. As a result of this loophole, 99 percent of election results are now predictable, and the vestige of democracy that remains is only a lifeless, empty shell of the Founders' Republic. It is no wonder that we hold those who govern us in such low esteem; we didn't choose them and don't approve of them. However, we now have the technology to solve the gerrymandering problem, after more than 200 years of voter abuse, and restore voting power to the people. Then, when we voters are once again sovereign, we can begin to make improvements in our government. Join Dr. George Clark for his talk about the importance of the vote, gerrymandering, and computers.

1:00 PM: Chocolate Tasting Board Room

This chocolate tasting will have two parts. In the first, we will taste nine brands of bittersweet chocolate (70-72% cocoa solids). Subject to availability, these will probably include Schokinag, Lindt, Callebaut, Trader Joe's, Valhrona, Scharffenberger, Green & Blacks Organic, and a couple of single-origin chocolates. An assortment of common filling flavors, such as dried fruit, nuts, marzipan, peppermint candy, and coffee beans will be available to taste with the chocolates. In the second part, small tastes of a variety of excellent purchased filled or flavored chocolates will be available, including: Michel Cluizel, Beverly Hills's K Chocolatier, and Lake Champlain Chocolates. A small fee ($3-$5) may be charged at the door. Supplies are limited. For those who did not reserve prior to the RG, make sure to put your name on the standby list at the RG Registration Desk.

2:15 PM: Werewolves & Villagers Santa Inez

Another round of this game, first done Friday at 5:00 PM.

2:30 PM: Stable Isotopic Clues to Fluid Pathways in the Earth's Crust Santa Clara

The circulation of aqueous fluids through the Earth's crust has profound effects on its geologic evolution, the formation of ore deposits, the migration of hydrocarbons from source to sites of accumulation, and the storage of groundwater resources. Major crustal-scale fault zones play a major role in determining the pathways for fluid flow in these systems.

Studies of the isotopes of oxygen (16O, 17O, and 18O) and hydrogen (H, D) of rock and mineral samples affected by crustal fluids provide valuable information to the geoscientist about the history of water-rock interaction as well as the duration and intensity of events involving fluids of diverse origin. Isotope exchange reactions between water and rock occur during these events that provide information about temperature and fluid source (meteoric vs. magmatic vs. metamorphic vs. formation waters).

3:00 PM: Looking Backwards, Occultly or What Was That About Past Lives? Santa Barbara

This is an audience participation adventure in Black Mirror Scrying. The ever enigmatic Nadine has been persuaded, once again, to present another topic. Nadine — BFA Theater, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA; Juris Doctorate cum laude; occultist, Druid and shamanic sort-of-mystic; member OBOD (Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, UK); Guest Member British Mensa, including Pagan SIG UK — will take you on an esoteric adventure, demonstrating an old technique for illuminating your history or, at least, providing you with an interesting Goth-party game.

3:00 PM: Beer Tasting Board Room

Beer expert and homebrewer Devin Knowles presents a variety of beers, to be announced. Last year's presentation on German beers proved extremely popular, so space is limited to 20 participants. This year the presentation will focus on that darkest of beer styles, stout. We'll discuss the origins and history of the style while sampling variations including dry, sweet, milk, oatmeal, and imperial stouts, and more. You'll see there's no reason to be afraid of the dark.

3:30 PM: Time's Up Games

The first round of this Taboo-like game of names, you can say or do virtually anything to give a clue. The second round allows for one word plus gestures and humming. The final round is strictly pantomime. Join host Jay Friedlander for one of the most entertaining games around.

3:45 PM: Dr. IQ Trivia Santa Inez

Test your knowledge against Dr. IQ, Stratton Lindenmeyer. Stratton will ask questions, and invites audience members to bring 10 of their own questions, too.

4:00 PM: Jefferson's Passion: Monticello Santa Clara

Dennis Lynch, veteran Advanced Placement History teacher, Academic Decathlon coach, and 2002 Los Angeles County Teacher-of-the-Year, will take you on a PowerPoint tour of the fascinating home of Thomas Jefferson. Monticello, the mansion he spent 40 years designing and building, reflects the personality, imagination, and impact of one of the most intriguing, creative, and complex figures in American history. Join Dennis Lynch for this presentation highlighting, in pictures and anecdotes, the home that captures the essence of his greatness as well as his paradoxes.

6:30 PM: Posh Banquet Santa Barbara/Santa Inez

For the first time, the sumptuous Saturday Night Banquet is included in your StaRGazing 2008 registration fee, so make sure to join us. The menu features Roast Pork Loin with Chipotle Apple Sauce; Chicken Marsala; Vegetarian Pasta entrée; Caesar, Greek, Oriental, and Tomato Mozzarella Salads; Assorted Cheese Tray; Relish Tray; Sliced Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter; Seasonal Vegetables; Rolls and Butter; Coffee, Tea, and Milk; and German Chocolate Cake.


Thom Hartmann is a nationally syndicated talk show host on Air America Radio. His program is carried live locally on KTLK-AM 1150 and he is the highest-rated progressive talk host in America. Thom is also a New York Times best-selling author on the subjects of progressive politics and ADD/ADHD. Details on Thom's talk to be announced.

9:00 PM: Saturday Night Dance and Karaoke with DJ K Santa Barbara

Put on your dancing shoes and your best dressy eveningwear for StaRGazing 2008's traditional Saturday Night Dance. Your host, DJ K, is the former Chief DJ for Club Med Vacation resorts and brings thousands of dance songs to the party including Top-40, Classic Rock, Disco/Funk and Old School, R&B and Hip-Hop, Alternative Rock, Flashback '80s & '90s Country, Classical, Jazz, Spanish (Salsa/Marengue/Cumbias), and everybody's favorite… Karaoke!

9:00 PM: MERF Silent Auction Bidding Santa Clara

In an effort to increase our giving to benefit scholarships for undergraduate students in our area, GLAAM is supporting a local MERF scholarship. This is your opportunity to get more involved and contribute in this tax-deductible and fun way. Stop by and enter bids on those items you find most interesting; and throughout the evening stop back to check on the status of your bid. Bidding stops promptly at 11:00 PM! Hopefully we'll have another bidding war like last year. Between 11:00-11:30 PM, we will process collections from bidders and provide appropriate receipts.

11:00 PM: MERF Silent Auction Ends Santa Clara

Take a well-deserved yet brief break from the dancing, and return to claim and pay for your wining-bid items. Remember, all proceeds go to GLAAM's scholarship fund. Even if you didn't win some or all of the items on which you bid, we welcome straight-up donations to bolster the cause.

Sunday, February 17

8:00 AM: Breakfast Hospitality

9:30 AM: Enneagrams Santa Barbara

A personality typing system of unknown origin, in the last 15 years the enneagram has been expanded by many gifted teachers. It is somewhat like the Myers-Briggs system (MBTI) but is both simpler and more sophisticated. This lecture will introduce you to the history, concepts, and basic features of the enneagram, and discuss its applications in daily life. Many real-life examples will be presented. Audience discussion and questions will give attendees a start on figuring out their types. Danila Oder has a lifelong interest in psychology, and is an accomplished handwriting analyst.

9:30 AM: An Explanation of Astrology Santa Inez

Presenter Jack Taube is here to give information about the history, sociology, and anthropological origins of this controversial discipline.

9:30 AM: Genealogy 201: Advanced Family History Research Santa Clara

Join Lenard Mc Donald as he continues your learning of genealogy as he explains the genetic tie-in to genealogical research. Additional handouts will be provided to assist you in your search into your roots.

11:15 AM: Cranium Santa Barbara

Be a star performer, word worm, creative cat, or data head in this always-enjoyable team party game. Jay Friedlander hosts.

11:15 AM: A General Overview of Libertarianism and the Libertarian Party Santa Inez

What is libertarianism? How does this philosophy fit into the traditional left-right political axis? What goals does the Libertarian Party hope to accomplish? Join Joe Liebrandt, former Chair of the Libertarian Party in Philadelphia, PA and Orange County, CA discuss these and other topics.

11:15 AM: Brain on Steroids Santa Clara

Sex steroids play vital roles throughout an animal's life. They mediate the sexual differentiation of the brain early in development. This ultimately affects how the adult brain responds to these hormones in the regulation of reproductive physiology and behavior. The brain both converts these gonadally derived steroids to other active hormones and produces its own steroids from scratch (neurosteroids). Dr. Kevin Sinchak will review some of the roles that sex hormones play in the sexual differentiation of several different species during development of the young animal. He will also show how, in the adult, these steroids act on the differentiated neural circuits to regulate reproduction and reproductive behavior.

12:30 PM: Lunch Hospitality

More food? Always.

1:00 PM: Williams College-style Trivia Santa Barbara

What do you get when you combine eight hours of trivia questions covering everything from pop culture to science to news of the weird paired up (somehow) with songs ranging from Beatles to Nirvana to Leonard Nimoy, and even the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, done at the same time as lots of written and audio bonuses, action skits, and more, all done in an all-nighter before final exams? You get Williams College Trivia. Join Jared Levine '94 as he condenses this all-nighter tradition (first started in 1966) into 90 minutes this afternoon, and takes you on a tour of tip-of-the-tongue trivia! NOTE: Parents are cautioned that some of the material is inappropriate for young children. They may participate at the parents' discretion.

1:00 PM: Physiological Responses to Deception Santa Clara

How do you lie and get away with it? When engaging in deception, the body responds to stress in predictable ways, manifesting subtle clues that can be interpreted by the trained interviewer to discover “lies.” GLAAM Ombudsman Keith Miller gives this lecture which will cover the basics of linguistic, paralinguistic, and physiological symptoms that are generally indicative of deception. How can you tell when someone is being untruthful? What signs do you give off that increase or decrease your believability? And, finally, can you REALLY believe anything I say? Other topics will include types of lies, and behavior-evoking questions that should give you an excellent idea whether or not someone is telling you the truth.

1:15 PM: When Push Comes To Shove: What You Need To Know About Crowd Safety Santa Inez

At some point, we all experience the terror of being caught in a crowd. Recognizing the signs of an impending crowd disorder and knowing how to react can be the difference between a safe escape, injury, or worse. In February 2003, two back-to-back horrific U.S. nightclub disasters claimed 121 lives and injured close to 300 people. The preventable disasters shocked the nation and challenged the popular belief that, in an emergency, procedures are in place to protect the public from danger. Crowd control expert and author of the safety task force report following the 1979 Who concert tragedy in Cincinnati, Ohio, Paul Wertheimer will challenge the audience with this question: What would you do if a fire or crowd disorder erupted at a favorite club, movie theater, or sports venue? Paul will discuss techniques that will help audience members anticipate, plan for, and react to a crowd emergency.

2:30 PM: Carnelli Santa Barbara

Join Carnelli master Roy Ball for another running of this perennial Mensa favorite title-linking game.

2:45 PM: Clark's Solar Energy System Santa Inez

RVC Clark Jones discusses “gazing” at the nearest (astronomical) star, and putting its power to use. He will show pictures and graphs and discuss some of the practical issues of a real solar electric system.

3:00 PM: StaRGazing Gallery Outside Santa Barbara

Come and review Mystery Activity entries and results by you and your fellow Mensans.

3:30 PM: Improv Games Santa Barbara

Whose line is it, anyway? What're you here for? To have fun? To meet people? Maybe learn something new? Don't miss this opportunity to do all three! Join us and flex some muscles that might not normally get exercised! Get out of your own box. Whether you're a writer or an actor – or fiercely shy and think you don't have a creative bone in your body – give this a shot. Heather Hale leads us in playing group and individual writing games — with hysterical shares — followed by on-your-feet team improv games. Fun and silly. Thought-provoking and intriguing. But definitely NEVER boring or predictable – we promise! EVERYONE participates! Come and join the fun! (Or just hear about it the rest of the weekend.)

4:00 PM: Mormonism & Politics Santa Clara

Who was the first Mormon to campaign for U.S. President? The answer might surprise you. Which Mormon president prophesied that someday the U.S. Constitution would “hang by a thread,” after which Mormon elders would come to its rescue, and what does that prophecy mean to Mormons today? If you've always thought of Mormons as patriotic Republican Americans, come learn how tumultuous the Mormon love/hate relationship with America has really been. Ex-Mormon Brian Madsen has lectured on the Mormon religion at past RGs and focuses his discussion this year on Mormon influence on politics, and vice versa.

4:15 PM: Lawyer's Games Santa Inez

Myron Faverman will set up a story with a mystery and you have to solve it.

5:30 PM: Dinner Hospitality

Aren't you full yet? Come on and see what Desiree has served up this time!

6:30 PM: Poetry Reading Santa Barbara

Join us for some dramatic reading of possibly poignant (& possibly pornographic?) poetry. Whether you're a poet yourself or whether you just have an appreciation of the art form and wish to share your favorite published work, all are welcome. Host TBA.

6:30 PM: Gen Y Murder Mystery Activity Santa Inez

Yesterday in the west Texas town of Mitchido, Richard Woods was shot and killed as he was riding to town. A wealthy landowner, he left behind a wife, Katherine, and a daughter, Annabel. Today the townspeople have gathered to try and discuss what should be done. No one is sure who will be arrested as the murderer; EVERYONE is a suspect. Who could have done it?

Hosted by Gen Y coordinator Ronni Peck, but open to everyone, this is a classic murder mystery party where the attendees/characters try to solve clues and figure out whodunit! Could it be YOU? There will be a sign-up sheet posted beforehand where you can choose your own character. Attendance is limited to around 30. Prizes possible for correctly guessing the killer!

6:30 PM: Encore Santa Clara

Mensans in teams sing eight-word phrases from songs stemming from a particular word until one side says uncle. Actual musical ability is not required. Jay Friedlander hosts.

8:00 PM: Open Mic Santa Barbara

Sing, play an instrument, tell jokes, make a political statement, poetry slam. It's all fair game at the StaRGazing 2008 Open Mic, with emcee Jay Friedlander.

9:00 PM: 2nd Annual StaRGazing Stand-Up Spectacular Santa Inez/Santa Clara

Tonight brings the return of last year's StaRGazing Stand-Up Spectacular, featuring the comedy stylings of L.A.'s best up-and-coming comics, and is hosted by Blaine Capatch, former host of Beat the Geeks. Also starring Kevin Kataoka, who's performed on Comedy Central's Premium Blend. This year's lineup includes Lizzie Cooperman, who's performed on the “Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson,” and returning favorites from last year Brandon Burkhart, Shawn Carlow, Matt Manser — and more! (Mild adult-oriented language and themes.)

9:00 PM: Satellite Gaming Parlor Santa Barbara

Play some of the games that require a little more space than the Games Room can accommodate. Go “all in” with our Texas Hold 'Em tournament, kill some villagers in another running of Werewolves & Villagers, maybe even have a “pick-up” game of Carnelli.

Monday, February 18

8:00 AM: Breakfast Hospitality

Finish up the food that we have on hand. Hospitality winds down this morning.

8:30 AM: Media Exchange Drop-Off Board Room

Bring your books, movies, tapes, CDs, and DVDs, and check them in for vouchers to be redeemed.

9:00 AM: Carnelli Conference Room

Join our Carnelli master for one last running of this Mensa favorite game of title-linking.

9:30 AM: Media Exchange Board Room

You've brought various media and received vouchers. Now it's time to redeem them. Come back and claim those items for which you have sufficient vouchers! Browse the trades from your fellow Mensans and take home that gem that is “new to you”!

10:00 AM: Political Discussion Conference Room

The always-opinionated and entertaining host, Stratton Lindenmeyer, will lead a spirited political discussion.

10:00 AM: Food Sale & Clean-Up Hospitality

Swing by Hospitality one last time. Help Desiree pack things up, and buy some extra food and drink that's still on hand at nicely discounted prices.

11:15 AM: Intelligence, Virtue, and Intellectual Excellence Conference Room

Intellectual excellence is often equated with intelligence. But this conception neglects an important dimension of intellectual excellence: viz. intellectual character virtue. In this presentation, Dr. Jason Baehr will distinguish these two dimensions of intellectual excellence and examine some of the connections between them. He will also address the relation between intellectual virtue and moral virtue.

12:15 PM: Raffle Purchase/Drawing Conference Room

This is your opportunity to use those Mensa Bucks you've been earning, winning, and hoarding to “buy” tickets for the raffle with which we're closing out another successful RG. Prizes TBA. Extra Raffle Drawing for a refund of this year's RG registration cost will be done for our “regulars” who have attended all of the past three years. RG Committee members are not eligible for prizes in either raffle.

1:00 PM: So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye!

Please make sure to fill out the RG surveys to tell us what you liked, what you didn't like, and what you would like to see next year (speakers, programs, entertainment, and food alike). And be sure to register for next year's RG at the early bird rate!

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