Star Lite Events

Registration Hours:

5-10pm Friday
9-11am Saturday
2-5pm Saturday

Pub Crawl – Friday, 7pm:

This Popular Event was planned by Master Crawl Master Justin Kis who is unable to join us this year … but we will forge ahead with his detailed instructions! Leaving the Marriott on Friday Night at 7:00pm we will head over to Ventura Blvd. to check out some of the interesting spots nearby. Transportation between the general Pub Crawl area and the Marriott will be available and crawlers will have a planned order of stops … but once the Crawl departs there is no set time at each stop!

BYOB Wine Tasting – Friday, 8pm:

Back by popular demand! This program invites attendees to bring a bottle of wine to share with others on Friday night! Enjoy fellowship with other Mensans and you enjoy the delightful tastes of your fellow wine connoisseurs!

Games – Ongoing:

Games are always a hit at the RG and this year we'll have a bountiful selection including: Wits & Wagers, Werewolf, Dominion, Puerto Rico, Coliseum, Cleopatra, Stone Age, Ticket to Ride, Cranium, Through the Ages, Palabra, Quiddler, 10 Days Across America, 10 Days Across Africa, Transamerica, Arkham Horror, Shadows Over Camelot, Agricola, Cayles, Year of the Dragon, Space Farers of Catan, Settlers of Catan.

Additionally we'll have the following tournaments:

Carnelli 10:30pm Friday
Taboo 11:00am Saturday
Cranium 4:15pm Saturday
Carnelli 8:00pm Saturday


Cheese tasting: American artisanal cheeses, mostly made in California – Saturday, 2:00pm

Selection will depend on availability, but will include gouda, cheddar, goat and at least one ‘name’ cheese. Because cheese of this quality is $16-$25/pound, charge is $4 per person.

Chocolate tasting: Filled and flavored chocolates – Saturday, 4:00pm

Selection includes chocolates from (among others) Vosges, Dolfin, Frango and LA artisans, with a couple of low-end chocolates for comparison. Because the high-end brands are $35+ per pound, the charge for this tasting is $4/person.

New Members Reception – Saturday, 2:30pm:

Welcome New Mensans! During the Mini-RG this is your chance to meet your fellow Mensans at GLAAM's largest party of the year! We'll have a brief period of orientation followed by the opportunity to enjoy the rest of the RG offerings. Please RSVP with either Danielle or Desiree so we know how many to count. Join us for some games, speakers, and dancing fun the rest of the evening!

Dancing/Karaoke – Saturday 9:00pm 'til midnight:

Dance the night away with DJ services provided by Energy Entertainment!