Star Lite Schedule

Friday, February 13

5:00-10:00pm: Registration Open  
  Hospitality Open Calabasas Room
  Games Open Calabasas Room

5:30pm: John Bretney, Rock Art in the Mojave Desert Ventura Room A
  Danila Oder, Can Judaism Be Repaganized? Ventura Room B

6:30pm: Pub Crawlers Meet & Leave from Lobby

7:00pm: Dr. Aaron Filler, The Upright Ape Ventura Room A
  Pub Crawl Departs  

8:00pm: BYOB Wine Tasting StaRGazers Lounge

8:30-10:15pm: Werewolves and Villagers Ventura Room A

10:30pm-Midnight: Carnelli Ventura Room A

Saturday, February 14

8:00am: Breakfast StaRGazers Lounge

8:45-11:00am: Registration Open  

9:00am: Danila Oder, Introduction to Handwriting Analysis Ventura Room A

9:00-10:45am: Werewolves and Villagers Calabasas Room

11:00am: Stephen Smith, Mars the Scarred Planet Ventura Room A
  Taboo Tournament Calabasas Room

11:15am: Marty Rosenblatt, Precognitive Remote Viewing Ventura Room B

12:30-2:00pm: Lunch StaRGazers Lounge

2:00-5:00pm: Registration Open Calabasas Room

2:00pm: Juan Pablo Girardi, Brain Optimization through Nutrition — Based on Solid Research and Clinical Experience Ventura Room A
  Danila Oder, Cheese Tasting StaRGazers Lounge

2:15pm: Victoria Bloch, Saturated Fat Can Save Your Life Ventura Room B

2:30pm: New Member Reception Calabasas Room

4:00pm: Dr. Paul Shin, Close to the Edge: A Chemist in the HazMat World Ventura Room A
  Danila Oder, Chocolate Tasting StaRGazers Lounge

4:15pm: Trish Albright, The Truth about Joan Wilder Ventura Room B
  Cranium Tournament Calabasas Room

6:00-7:30pm: Banquet with Entertainment Hidden Hills Ballroom

8:00pm: Carnelli Hidden Hills Ballroom

9:00pm-Midnight: DJ Dance Party Hidden Hills Ballroom