Star Lite Speakers

We've got some incredible speakers lined up for your enlightenment and enjoyment at this RG! You'll want to make time amidst your partying and gaming this weekend to check out these interesting topics.

Please note that the speaker schedule is subject to change.

Friday – February 13th

5:30pm — “Rock Art in the Mojave Desert” by John Bretney

John Bretney

For the past 10,000 years Native Americans have lived in the Mojave Desert. During this time they have carved petroglyphs and painted on boulders, over hangs and rock walls. Researchers are beginning to analyze these designs to learn what they can about the cultures that created this rock art.

John Bretney is a UCLA Extension student who, after taking a series of archaeology classes, became very interested in rock art. Most of his work at the Archive has been in the collection and analysis of data at Little Lake. He is most interested in the motif analysis of elements undertaken as part of that research. John has also compiled a collection of slides and other materials of rock art sites in the Mojave Desert collected by Jim Benton.

John is a Site Steward for the Barstow Office of the BLM. He is responsible for monitoring three sites in the Opal Mountain area near Barstow. During the fall, winter, and spring, John organizes Archive field trips for interested individuals to rock art sites in the Mojave Desert. These trips keep Archive volunteers involved with rock art, exposing them to the various ‘styles’ of petroglyphs in this part of California. If interested in attending a Rock Art Archive trip, John can be reached at:

5:30pm — “Can Judaism Be Repaganized?” by Danila Oder

Is there a pagan Hebrew substrate behind the Talmud that can be revivified as a ‘Jewish Wicca’? Some familiarity with the Jewish Bible would be helpful, as well as the willingness to see it as a document written and edited by different authors for their own immediate purposes.

Danila Oder has had a Conservative Jewish education, two years at a Jewish college and a longtime interest in the ancient world.

7:00pm — “The Upright Ape” by Dr. Aaron Filler

Dr. Aaron Filler

The Upright Ape: A New Theory of the Origin of Species. How a study of the spine reveals that the modern ape is actually a descendant of humans.

Dr. Aaron Filler is one of the world's leading experts in neural and spinal diagnosic and surgery. A Medical Director at the Cedars Sinai Institute for Spinal Disorders, he has numerous patents and publications in a variety of medical and biological fields. M.D. University of Chicago and Ph.D. Anthropology Harvard are among his many accomplishments.

Author of The Upright Ape: A New Origin of the Species, Dr. Filler offers powerful evidence that the upright bipedal body form of humans evolved before the knuckle-walkers. His theory could push back the date of the first human to 21 million years ago.

Visit his website:

Saturday – February 14th

9:00am — “Introduction to Handwriting Analysis” by Danila Oder

Handwriting is a muscular motion that reflects your personality, mood, health, interests, and attitude toward other people. Learn how it works and see some examples of ordinary people, the highly intelligent, and criminals.

Danila Oder has been studying and applying handwriting analysis for 30 years.

11:00am — “Mars the Scarred Planet” by Stephen Smith

Stephen Smith

Stephen Smith will demonstrate that the features on Mars are not the result of water or wind, but are the remains of electric discharges.

Stephen Smith has been studying Electric Universe concepts for over thirty years. In June of 2007, Mr. Smith was invited to write and edit the Picture of the Day. Since that time, he has published over 200 articles dealing with astronomy, geology, physics and other broad science topics. His articles range from galaxy clusters, to black holes, to planets, moons, asteroids and comets. His intent is to provide an alternative to consensus scientific opinions. He doesn't assert that he is right, but notes that there are more ways to perceive the universe than conventional science provides.

Visit his website:

11:15am — “Precognitive Remote Viewing” by Marty Rosenblatt

Marty Rosenblatt

Remote viewing is an ability of a perceiver (the “viewer”) to describe or give details about a “remote” target that is inaccessible to normal senses due to distance, time, or shielding. The focus of this talk is on remote viewing of the future, i.e. “precognition”. Some background information, examples, experimental data, and a model with consciousness at its center will be discussed.

Marty Rosenblatt is the President of Physics Intuition Applications Corp and the author/editor of its online magazine Connections Through Time. He has a B.A. in Physics from UCLA 1964, and a M.S. in Physics from UCLA 1966.

Marty began his technical career in 1963 working for a computational physics company. He left, with three other individuals, to form California Research and Technology, Inc. 9 years later. He was Vice President of California Research & Technology, which was acquired after 15 years by the Titan Corporation. At Titan, he managed a group of 20 scientists who developed and applied sophisticated computer programs for analyzing high-energy problems of interest to the Dept. of Defense and NASA, e.g. hypervelocity impact and nuclear weapons effects. In 1994, Marty was a founder, CEO and senior staff scientist of PhysiComp Corporation with an internet subsidiary that were acquired by Excite-At-Home in April 1996.

2:00pm — “Brain Optimization through Nutrition — Based on Solid Research and Clinical Experience” by Juan Pablo Girardi

Juan Pablo Girardi

It is not just about being born with a great brain, the challenge is to keep it that way and even improve it. This can be done most effectively through optimum brain nutrition. Expect provocative as well as practical information on how to keep the neurotransmitter pathways and the glucose pathway in optimal condition using the latest research on brain nutrition.

Mr. Girardi has a Masters in both Engineering and Psychology and also a license from the State of California to practice psychotherapy. His knowledge in Nutrition and the brain comes from 30 years of study, personal experimentation and clinical work with his clients — using nutritional interventions to help them with their mental disorders. He teaches a five-month course with certification in Nutrition with emphasis in Brain Nutrition Counseling. He teaches these courses at the Brain Optimization Institute and the University of Healing Arts, of which he is the founder.

2:15pm — “Saturated Fat Can Save Your Life” by Victoria Bloch

Victoria Bloch

Lowfat diets, claim the pundits of medical orthodoxy, have been associated with good health and longevity throughout the globe and since the dawn of time. The research of Dr. Weston A. Price proves otherwise. His studies of isolated nonindustrialized peoples, conducted nearly 100 years ago – from Inuit to Alpiner, from Gaelic villager to African tribesman – established the parameters of human health and determined the optimum characteristics of human diets.

Victoria Bloch has been the Los Angeles chapter leader of the Weston A. Price Foundation since 1999, and speaks frequently on cooking, healing, and nutrition – subjects which have fascinated her for most of her life. She works with clients interested in improving their health and well-being through incorporating traditional ways of cooking and eating into their daily lives. Victoria is currently enrolled in Hawthorn University, where she is studying towards certification as a Nutritional Consultant.

4:00pm — “Close to the Edge: A Chemist in the HazMat World” by Dr. Paul Shin

Dr. Paul Shin

Chemical, biological and radiological “weapons of mass destruction” are just some of the issues the officers of the Los Angeles Police Department's Hazardous Materials Unit have to handle on a daily basis. The need for accurate and efficient assessment that each and every individual incident requires can often demand knowledge beyond the advanced training these highly skilled officers obtain. Learn about the LAPD HazMat Unit and how Dr. Shin contributes to this extraordinary group and hear about some of the amazing calls he's responded to as a Specialist Reserve Officer.

Dr. Paul Shin is a proud “slug” graduate of UC Santa Cruz. He earned his doctorate at Colorado State University and conducted post-doctoral research at UCLA. Paul has worked in both academia and industry and refers to himself as an analytical bioinorganic chemist. His diverse background includes teaching chemistry at the high school through doctoral level. A brief stint in industry as an applications engineer and then sales representative for a major chemical instrumentation company has provided invaluable experience that he relies on for every call. An extensive wet chemistry experience, his comprehensive chemical instrumentation practical knowledge and his commitment to serving his community make Paul an asset as a LAPD HazMat Specialist Reserve Officer.

Visit his website:

4:15pm — “The Truth about Joan Wilder” by Trish Albright

Trish Albright

Award winning novelist Trish Albright talks about the facts, fun, and fiction of the 1.3 billion dollar business of romance publishing.

Trish Albright travels the world, stumbling into adventures around every corner. A long time writer of short fiction, Siren's Song is her first novel. Her second novel, Siren's Secret, is another romantic adventure that takes place in England, Egypt, and the high seas. She is a winner of The Molly Award, and a two-time Golden Heart finalist.

Trish is also a Walt Disney Imagineer, based in Los Angeles, CA. She is represented by Meredith Bernstein, of the Meredith Bernstein Literary Agency.

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