StaRGazing 2010 Committee

Co-Chair Madeline Pinsky Walker Co-Chair Desiree Sagray
Madeline Walker

I became a Mensa member in 1975 in NoCal, then became a lapsed member for many years. After moving to SoCal, I joined GLAAM in 2004 after my son, Case, qualified for Mensa. I jumped in as Gifted Youth Coordinator, and later added Coastal Area Rep to my responsibilities. My involvement in the RG's have included adding a Kids Track on RG Sunday, finding speakers and venues, and initiating and chairing the 2009 “Mini-RG.” As 2010 co-chair with Desiree, I applaud the hard work and dedication of all the committee members who have created a very amazing RG for your enjoyment. Meet me at the Registration Desk at the 2010 GLAAM StaRGazing RG.

Desiree Sagray

After hearing about Mensa from my aunt and meeting some GLAAM members through the Nova Toastmasters, my first major Mensa event was the 2004 GLAAM RG in Culver City. It literally changed my life. I became active in GLAAM activities over the next few months and by May was on the Board of Directors. By June, I was Chairing the 2005 RG Committee and have been actively involved in the RG for the last six years, serving as Chair, Co-Chair, Hospitality Chair, Registrar, and Speakers Chair over the years … often at the same time! I continue to serve on the Board of Directors and am the current LocSec for the GLAAM chapter. I am also the 2010 AG Hospitality Chair in Dearborn. Mensa has given me so much, including a brother-in-law, a most beloved nephew, and some of the best friends I have ever had that continuing to be active in the chapter is only one of the ways that I can give back to this wonderful organization and some of the truly unique and exceptional people I have met here. I will be at the Registration Desk for most of the RG this year – feel free to stop by and talk to me about GLAAM!

Committee Members
Speakers Chair JK Mueller
Speaker Committee Danielle Hanne, Audrey Wilson, Danila Oder
Hospitality Chair Danila Oder
Hospitality Committee Vicki McKenzie and Bryan K. Willis
Publicity Chair J Karen Star
Publicity Committee JK Mueller and Danila Oder
Registration Madeline Walker & Desiree Sagray
Games Michael Wong
Treasurer Brian Madsen
Webmaster Brian Madsen
Tournaments Jay Friedlander
Gifted Youth Madeline Walker
Pub Crawl Danielle Hanne & Hilary Foster
Van Tour Madeline Walker
Site Selection Ed You