StaRGazing 2012 Schedule

Friday, February 17

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Saturday, February 18

3:00-10:00pm: Registration Open  

4:00pm: Games Open Beverly Hills Room
  Hospitality Open Calabasas Room
  Snacks? Dinner? As people are still arriving throughout the start of this holiday weekend, Hospitality will serve substantial snacks throughout the evening without a set time for a dinner break. Catch some nosh between programs!  

5:00pm: Peter Paul Block, Spy vs. Spy: The Deadly Game of Deception Between British and German Intelligence in the Netherlands During World War II Ventura I/II Room
  Sandra Smith, Titans: The Early Greek Gods Hollywood Room
  Apples to Apples (no host, informal play) Beverly Hills Room

6:30pm: Robin Tyler, Marriage Equality Ventura I/II Room
  Jack Leonard, Solar Power: The Locus of Change Hollywood Room

7:00pm: Generation X/Y Meet & Greet Warner Center Room

7:30pm: Ed You, Palabra</td> Beverly Hills Room

7:45pm: Pub Crawl Departs (first wave) Lobby

8:00pm: Eric Lafayette, A Journey Celebrating the Wonders of The Early French-American Relationship Through The Lives of Franklin, Washington and the Lafayettes Ventura I/II Room
  David Couper, Why Outsiders Are Key To Any Company's Success Hollywood Room
  Alan Stillson, Sing-Along and Name That Tune Warner Center Room
  Ed You, The Big Bang Theory Trivia Game Woodland Hills Room
  Pub Crawl Departs (second wave) Lobby

9:30pm: Madeline Walker, Bunco Ventura III Room
  BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) Wine Tasting StaRGazers Lounge
8:00-9:00am: Breakfast served Calabasas Room

8:00am-Noon: Registration Open  

9:00am: Peter Paul Block, Oners: Extended Movie Shots That Challenged the Crew, Indulged the Director, and Gave the Cast Nightmares Ventura I/II Room
  Orv Beach, What's New on the Internet? Hollywood Room
  Kat Meredith, American Red Cross in Action: Disasters and Preparedness Warner Center Room
  Noelle Carter, L.A. Times Test Kitchen Woodland Hills Room
  Van Tour to the Getty Villa Departs Lobby

9:30am Scrabble (no host, informal play) Beverly Hills Room

10:30am: Sherwood Jones, The Illusion of Reality in Film: An Overview of the Past and New Trends of Today Ventura I/II Room
  Chellie Campbell, Purpose, Passion, and Profits Hollywood Room
  Harry Mallory and Jennifer Venola, Refuse To Be A Victim Warner Center Room
  Jane Engle, Affordable Travel: What You Need to Know Woodland Hills Room

11:00am New Member Reception Calabasas Room
  Jay Friedlander, Taboo Beverly Hills Room

Noon-1:00pm: Lunch served Calabasas Room
  Van Tour to the Getty Villa Returns Lobby

1:00-5:30pm: Registration Open  

1:00pm: Jennifer Karp, Ghost in the Machine: How To Protect Your Identity Online Ventura I/II Room
  Ed You, Werewolves and Villagers Ventura III Room
  Barbara Schiffman, C.Ht., ARCT, Accessing the Akashic Records for Creativity and Conscious Evolution Hollywood Room
  Robert L. Hecker, Renaissance Man — Does It Pay? Warner Center Room
  Stewart Farquhar, Why They Toss Your Screenwriting Masterpiece Woodland Hills Room
  Special offer: Mr. Farquhar will review the first page of each qualifying attendee for free (normally $75) with on-page notes for all those who commit to attending his course by Monday prior to the RG. Further, during class he will draw for five free on-site ten-page consultations. All attendees are encouraged to bring their first ten to class. To qualify for the first page review, send your name and phone number and attach your first and title page to: by 6:00pm Monday, Feb 13.  

2:30pm: Max Coleman, Looking for Life on Mars and Other Places Ventura I/II Room
  Rosemary The Celtic Lady, Heal Yourself Hollywood Room
  Stephanie Alison Kagel, Exercise and Nutrition and How to Feel Better Now Warner Center Room

2:45pm: Ed You, Lawyer Games Ventura III Room

3:00pm: Bryan K. Willis, Whiskey Tasting Woodland Hills Room
  Jonathan Elliott, Monopoly Beverly Hills Room

4:00pm: Jim Tanenbaum, C.A.S., Shooting James Cameron's Avatar on Location, on the Alien Moon Pandora Ventura I/II Room
  Pamela Jaye Smith, Master Your Creative Process Hollywood Room

4:30pm: Jonathan Elliott, Carnelli Ventura III Room

5:00pm: Ray McElfish, Comedy in the Courtroom Warner Center Room
  Rich Kapnick, Whoa! New Evidence that God Exists! Woodland Hills Room

6:00-7:00pm: Dinner served Calabasas Room

7:00-9:00pm: Registration Open for Cocktail Party Awards Reception Ventura Room
  Stratton Lindenmeyer, Current Event Discussion Ventura III Room
  Judith Claire & Frank Wiegers, How to Create a Lasting Sexual/Spiritual Relationship Hollywood Room
  Bryan K. Willis, “Off the Wall ” Alcohol Tasting Woodland Hills Room
  Jay Friedlander, Cranium Beverly Hills Room

8:00pm: Performance by Madeline Mann Ventura I/II Room
  Boggle (no host, informal play) Beverly Hills Room

9:00pm: 50th Anniversary Kick-Off Cocktail Party and Awards Presentation Ventura Room

11:00pm: Brian Madsen, Penelope Salinger, Fishbowl Warner Center Room

Sunday, February 19

8:00-9:00am: Breakfast served Calabasas Room

8:00am-Noon: Registration Open  

8:30-11:00am: Mensa Testing Woodland Hills Room

9:00am: Bobbie Kirkhart, President of Atheists United, The A Word: My Life Behind The New Scarlet Letter Ventura I/II Room
  Jana Bickel, A Travesty of Justice or Justified Conviction? Ventura III Room
  Kate McCallum and Ed Lantz, Transmedia, Transformation and the Future of Story: What's on the Horizon in the Worlds of Entertainment and the Arts? Hollywood Room

9:45am: Jay Friedlander, Bananagrams Beverly Hills Room

10:15am: Jonathan Elliott, Chess Ventura III Room

10:30am: Van Snyder, Save the Planet: Eliminate CO2 and Destroy Nuclear Waste Ventura I/II Room
  Deborah Nourse Lattimore, The Story and the Pictures: Writing, Illustrating and Getting Books Out There for Young Readers Hollywood Room

11:00am Ronda Wood, Belly Dance for Every Body Warner Center Room

11:15am: Jennifer Karp, Science Time for Kids Woodland Hills Room

11:00am-2:00pm: Sunday brunch available at the hotel restaurant (separate charge)  

Noon-1:00pm: Lunch served Calabasas Room

12:45pm: Tim Griffin, Songs of Science!!! Woodland Hills Room

1:00-3:00pm: Registration Open  

1:00pm: Donald Prothero, The Holocaust Denier's Playbook: Science Denialism and the Threat it Poses to Society Ventura I/II Room
  Bryan Michael Stoller, Filmmaking For Dummies Hollywood Room
  Jay Friedlander, Carnelli Warner Center Room
  Trivial Pursuit (no host, informal play) Beverly Hills Room

1:30pm: Michael Wong, Chocolate Tasting Ventura III Room

2:00pm: The Planetary Society, Is White Light Really White? How Does Understanding Light Help Us Explore Space? and What Are Comets Made Of? Woodland Hills Room
  Backgammon (no host, informal play) Beverly Hills Room

2:30pm: Dennis Lynch, The Mad King and His Castle Ventura I/II Room
  Elizabeth Oakes, Wedding Planning for Super-Smart People Hollywood Room

3:00pm: Steven Plaat, Cults, Constructs, Control, and Creativity: What Do Weird Fundamentalist Cultic Groups Tell Us About Human Evolution and Creative Genius? Warner Center Room
  Danila Oder, Kids' Werewolves and Villagers – open to children 9 and up, and adults Woodland Hills Room
  Apples to Apples (no host, informal play) Beverly Hills Room

4:00pm: Bryan Michael Stoller, First Dog Screening Ventura I/II Room
  Michael Wong, Cheese Tasting Ventura III Room
  Sarah Brin and Simon Wiscombe, Intelligent Designs: How Play and Games are Changing the Cultural Landscape Hollywood Room

4:30pm: Alan Stillson, Original Interactive Word Games Woodland Hills Room

6:00-7:00pm: Dinner served Calabasas Room

7:00pm: Mark Langill, Dodger Stadium: 50th Anniversary Celebration in 2012 Ventura I/II Room
  Jay Friedlander, Time's Up/Colander Ventura III Room
  Dani Kollin and Eytan Kollin, Economy of The Unincorporated Man Hollywood Room
  Penelope Salinger, LCSW, Men & Women: Vive la Difference! Warner Center Room
  Bryan K. Willis, Aperitifs Tasting Woodland Hills Room

8:00pm: Flashback to the 1960's Improv Games Ventura Room

11:00pm: Robert Berend, Ask the Sexologist Hollywood Room

Monday, February 20

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8:00-9:00am: Breakfast served Calabasas Room

9:00-9:30am: GLAAM Annual Business Meeting Ventura III Room
  Robert M. Triplett, Five Ways to Keep Yourself and Your Estate Out of Court Hollywood Room

10:00am: Ed You, Palabra</td> Beverly Hills Room

10:30am: Steven A. Sokol, Opportunities and Pitfalls in Real Estate and Business Transactions Hollywood Room

11:00am: Food Sale Calabasas Room