StaRGazing 2013 Schedule

Friday, February 15

3:00-9:00pm: Registration Open  

4:00pm: Games Open Beverly Hills Room
  Hospitality Open Calabasas Room
  Snacks? Dinner? As people are still arriving throughout the start of this holiday weekend, Hospitality will serve substantial snacks throughout the evening without a set time for a dinner break. Catch some nosh between programs!  

5:00pm: Peter Block, Smokejumpers: Heroes from the Sky Ventura I/II Room
  Sandra Smith, Theseus: A Human Hero Both Brave, Foolish, and Somewhat Immoral Hollywood Room

6:30pm: Craig Lancaster, Fred and Ginger: The Greatest Dancing Partners in the History of Film Warner Center Room
  Perry Lanaro, Scientific Evidence for the Existence of God Hollywood Room

7:00-8:00pm: Jay Friedlander, Apples to Apples Beverly Hills Room

7:30pm: Generation X/Y Meet & Greet Woodland Hills Room

7:45pm: Pub Crawl Departs (first wave) Lobby

8:00pm: Pub Crawl Departs (second wave) Lobby
  Alan Stillson, Readings from a New Musical with the Original Cast Ventura I/II Room
  Perry Lanaro, Scientific Evidence for the Existence of God Q&A Hollywood Room
  Brian Madsen, The Big Bang Theory Trivia Game Beverly Hills Room

9:10pm: Alan Stillson, Sing-Along Warner Center Room

9:30pm: BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) Wine Tasting StaRGazers Lounge

Saturday, February 16

8:00-9:00am: Breakfast served Calabasas Room

8:30am-Noon: Registration Open  

9:00am: Van Tour to Griffith Observatory Departs Lobby
  Sol Friedman, The Development of Nuclear Weapons: The Personalities Who Made It Happen Ventura I/II Room
  Kevin Gates and Peter Block, Home Music Production and Recording Hollywood Room
  D. Stewart Farquhar, Your Screenplay Gets One Chance To Impress Warner Center Room

9:30-10:15am New Member Reception Woodland Hills Room

10:30am: Jack ReVelle, Goldsboro Broken Arrow: Retrieving Rogue Thermonuclear Missiles Ventura I/II Room
  Dan Gordon, What Are Choices Made Of: The Biology of Branding Warner Center Room
  Jay Friedlander, What Were You Thinking? Beverly Hills Room

11:00am: Trish Albright, Changes in the Publishing Industry & How You Can Benefit From Them as an Author or a Reader Hollywood Room

Noon-1:00pm: Lunch served Calabasas Room
  Van Tour to Griffith Observatory Returns Lobby

1:00-5:30pm: Registration Open  

1:00pm: Marshall Burns, Sexual Politics: Pleasure, Power, Morality, and Law Ventura I/II Room
  Michael Wong, Ethnic Chips Tasting Ventura III Room
  D. Stewart Farquhar, Hollywood Judges You On Your Looks Hollywood Room
  John Boik, Building Sustainable Economic Systems: From Pilot Trials to Widespread Adoption Warner Center Room
  Steven A. Sokol, Seven Things You Need to Know About Business and Real Estate in 2013 Woodland Hills Room
  Jay Friedlander, Taboo Beverly Hills Room

2:15pm: Jay Friedlander, Carnelli Woodland Hills Room

2:30pm: Matt Cooper, Why Conservatives and Liberals Think Differently Ventura I/II Room
  Susan Anderson, High Glitz: Through The Looking Glass Hollywood Room
  Margrette Francisco, Turning Poisons into Medicine: A Foolproof Guide/Roadmap to Finding the Silver Lining Warner Center Room

3:00pm: Madeline Walker, International Pastries & Confections Ventura III Room

3:15-4:45pm: Ed You, Werewolves of the L.A. RG Woodland Hills Room

3:30-5:15pm: Doug Ecks, Pub Trivia Beverly Hills Room

4:00pm: Tony Vaca, Financial Strategies Usually Reserved for the Ultra-Wealthy Ventura I/II Room
  David Richards, Things Every Intelligent Person Should Know Hollywood Room
  Al Mascareñas, The Wrong Family: A Mensa Member Switched at Birth Warner Center Room

5:30-6:30pm: Dinner served Calabasas Room

7:00pm: Stratton Lindenmeyer, Current Event Discussion Hollywood Room
  Desiree Sagray, Tequila Tasting Woodland Hills Room
  M-Atheists SIG Meet & Greet Warner Center Room
  Jay Friedlander, Encore Beverly Hills Room

8:30pm: GLAAM Awards Ventura I/II Room

9:00pm: Comedian Daniel Kinno Ventura I/II Room

11:00pm: Jonathan Elliott, Anomia StaRGazers Lounge

Sunday, February 17

8:00-9:00am: Breakfast served Calabasas Room

8:30am-Noon: Registration Open  

9:00am: Jennifer Venola and Harry Mallory, Mojave Desert 101: Why You DO Want to Go to a Valley Named Death Ventura I/II Room
  D. Stewart Farquhar, You Think You Wrote A Blockbuster Screenplay? Hollywood Room
9:00-11:00am: Mensa Testing Woodland Hills Room

9:30-11:45am: Jonathan Elliott, Chess Ventura III Room

10:30-11:30am: Jay Friedlander, Scattergories Beverly Hills Room

11:00am: Meet Actor Leif Gantvoort, Featured in The Amazing Spider-Man Ventura I/II Room

11:30am-12:30pm: Alan Stillson, Original Interactive Word Games Warner Center Room

Noon-1:00pm: Lunch served Calabasas Room

12:45-2:30pm: Jonathan Elliott, Monopoly Beverly Hills Room

1:00-3:00pm: Registration Open  

1:00pm: Mistress Serene Sin, Sensation Play: Incorporate Kink Into Your Life Without the Dungeon Ventura I/II Room
  Michael Wong, Cheese Tasting Ventura III Room
  Gene Steichen, I Did Wait Till Next Year, Did You Mean The Year After That? Hollywood Room
  Jack Taube, Astrology: An Understanding of Your Life Warner Center Room
  Ed You, Lawyer Games Woodland Hills Room

2:30pm: Alan Rachins, The Unbearable Kvetching of Being: Stories from a Life On Camera and Off Ventura I/II Room
  Natasha K. Griffith, The Science Behind Contagion: Myth or Reality? Hollywood Room
  Sara Meric, Fundamentalist Christians in the Military Academies Warner Center Room
  The Planetary Society presents: Shuttle Life Woodland Hills Room

3:45-5:00pm: Vicki Lovett, Kids' Werewolves and Villagers Woodland Hills Room
  Hey, Kids, Let's Put on a Show! Ventura III Room

4:00pm: Jana Bickel, Missouri in the Civil War Ventura I/II Room
  Lynda Malerstein, Let's Talk About Sex, Baby: How Hypnosis Can Help You in the Bedroom Hollywood Room
  Lee MacMorris, Handwriting Analysis: What Can You See About Yourself and Others? Warner Center Room

5:30-6:30pm: Dinner served Calabasas Room

6:30-7:30pm: Desiree Sagray, Rum Tasting Woodland Hills Room
  Nikki Frey, Liar's Club Warner Center Room
  Jay Friedlander, Carnelli Hollywood Room

7:30pm: Mai Tais with The Goddess Kristine StaRGazers Lounge

7:45pm: LOLA Ventura Room

9:00pm: Practical Burlesque Ventura Room

Monday, February 18

8:00-9:00am: Breakfast served Calabasas Room

9:00am: Linda Dorfmont, Tax Like It's 2001 Again Ventura I/II Room
  GLAAM Annual Business Meeting Hollywood Room

10:00am: Food Sale Calabasas Room

10:30am: Alan Stillson, Name That Tune Hollywood Room