StaRGazing 2015 Committee

Jay Friedlander, Co-Chair and Marketing Chair Madeline Pinsky Walker, Co-Chair and Speaker Chair
Jay Friedlander

Jay was born in a manger but was kidnapped and subsequently raised by a pack of wolves, from whom he acquired his love of board games. He has a BA in Radio-TV/Film from California State University, Long Beach and has spent most of his career in technical sales and sales management. He is also currently available for the right lucrative offer. His hobbies include basketball and horseracing. He currently serves as GLAAM's Ombudsman.

Madeline Walker

A Mensa member since 1975 and finally a Life member, I jumped in as Gifted Youth Coordinator when I got my son into Mensa. I have served as Coastal Area Rep and Special Events Coordinator. My involvement in RGs has included adding a Kids Track on RG Sunday, finding speakers, and co-chairing (2010-2014 with Desiree Elliott, and this year with Jay, who is doing a terrific marketing job). I applaud the hard work and dedication of all the committee members who have created a very amazing RG for your enjoyment.

Jana Bickel, Committee Member
Jana Bickel

Jana Bickel has been a member of Greater Los Angeles Area Mensa for over 25 years. She has represented the San Fernando Valley on the Board, been RG Chairman, hosted parties and RG programs as well as co-led GLAAM's NOVA Toastmasters.

Jonathan Elliott, Games Chair and Awards Chair
Jonathan Elliott

Jonathan has been a member of the Los Angeles chapter of Mensa continuously since 1996, and has operated the Answers to Everything SIG during most of that time. He served as chapter Secretary for eight years, Executive Vice-Chair for six years, Calendar Editor for five years, host of the monthly ELAC gaming event for seven years, SIG Coordinator for two years, chapter Chairman for two brief stints, and Chair at different times of the Awards, Bylaws, and Finance Committees. He is now in his second tenure as Treasurer of the chapter. He also held a couple of offices at the national level of Mensa. Most of his previous work with the RG Committee (apart from set-up and clean-up and running spot errands during the event) has involved coordinating Games and Tournaments, and he also helped out as RG Treasurer for the 2013 and 2014 events.

Erica Fleming, Audio/Video Chair

Hilary Foster, Pub Crawl
Hilary Foster

I joined Mensa in 2008. The first couple of events that I attended were happy hours. After attending a New Member Reception and meeting some great people, I decided to become more involved. Since then, I have participated in the Axion SIG, and the picnics at Griffith Park. This will be my third year co-hosting the RG Pub Crawl; we always have an amazing time. Come join us for the Pub Crawl, and by the end of the night you will have some great new friends!! I have made some wonderful life-long friends in GLAAM.

Joyce Hamilton, Treasurer
Joyce Hamilton

I've been a member of Mensa since 2000 and have a background in investment real estate (MBA Cornell, BA Smith College). A lot of my spare time is spent tracking wandering ancestors from the frontier to the colonies and back across the pond.

Danielle Hanne, Pub Crawl and Speaker Shepherd
Danielle Hanne

Danielle has been a member of the RG Committee since attending her first RG five years ago. She considers “Nerd Winter Camp” to be one of the best reasons to be a member of GLAAM. “We have an amazing committee who puts together the best event outside Nerd Summer Camp” (the Annual Gathering) she'll tell anyone who will listen. She wears many hats in the organization and as such ends up participating in Nerd Winter Camp in many different ways from Pub Crawl to Speaker Shepherd to Speaker to Hospitality Server to whatever. Feel free to say “hi” to her, but if she just waves as she's running past you don't take it personally — she's usually trying to be in at least three different places at once.

Mary Hughes, Hospitality Committee
Mary Hughes

Mary Hughes became a member of Mensa in 1979, and a life member shortly after. She is a semi retired attorney and spends most of her time doing volunteer work for various groups, including the LAPD, Animal Rights organizations and on Vegan issues including the health reasons, cruelty issues, and global impacts on food issues. The last talk she gave was at the AG in Las Vegas on Fetishes, with sexual issues being part of her college degree and of personal interest in many areas.

Vickey Kalambakal, Registrar
Vickey Kalambakal

Vickey joined Mensa often, at least once in each of the last four decades, for a year at a time. As of 2015, though, she's maintained her membership for an unprecedented four consecutive years. She's also the coordinator of the South Bay Sunday Salon. Vickey went to UCLA for her BA, then to Arizona State for an MA in American History. Her books, published under the easier-to-pronounce name of Vickey Kall, include The Boomer Book of Christmas Memories, a collection of Baby Boomer holiday trivia.

Brian Madsen, Webmaster and Printed Programs
Brian Madsen

Brian has been GLAAM's Webmaster and Data Guru (and Calendar Editor, and a few other things) for the last several years. He is going to come back to this paragraph and finish writing it. Really. Truly. Someday soon.

Andrea Nolan, Committee Member
Andrea Nolan

Andrea came to the United States from England in January 1960 and made her way back to Mensa in December 2012. She joined the GLAAM Board of Directors as a Delegate in May 2013 and is excited about this year's RG. Andrea felt so welcome at the 2013 RG and encourages the Mensans she knows to attend the RG.

Lee Stillman, Hospitality Chair
Lee Stillman

After taking the test on a dare, Lee was firmly convinced of his brilliance (and his career as an underachiever) when he was admitted into Mensa in 2011. A single father of two teenage boys (with the rapidly graying hair that goes along with it), Lee spends what little free time he has writing songs and watching his fantasy football teams go down in flames. (Curse you, CJ Spiller!). He can occasionally be found lurking in the GenX forums. He first attended the RG in 2013, and has the embarrassing photo evidence to prove it.

Lee is a native Angeleno and has lived in the area for almost all of his life. Remarkably, the city still stands.

Doug Walker, Background Technician
Doug Walker

Douglas was born in Vancouver B.C. Canada, came to the states when he was young, and has been here ever since. At the RG, he's the go-to guy to get things done: set-up A/V, drive for both pub crawl and van tour, dash to the store for supplies, carry, clean, fix and schlep wherever and whenever it is needed. His first wife was a Mensan (that bond didn't last), and his second wife is also a Mensan (that bond has lasted 29 years so far, and shows no signs of weakening). If you catch him in the rare moments he is not running to help somebody, be sure to say hi. Note: his hug dot is always green.