StaRGazing 2015 Kids' Track

Kids' Track Activities:

The Schedule has activities for younger kids (about 8 and under) and older kids (about 9 through 17). Crossover in ages is acceptable, except for Werewolves and Villagers which is for 9 and up only. Please remember that the games and activities are for everyone's enjoyment. Excessive rowdiness or horseplay will not be allowed. The Game Room (La Jolla) is available for use all day. Please remember to get all pieces back into their boxes. This schedule may change without notice.

Time Activity Ages Room
9:45-10:00 Meet & Mix, 8 or younger <9 Cat-D Alcove
9:45-10:15 Meet & Mix, 9 and older 9 + La Jolla Game Room
10:00-10:50 Introduction to Chess ANY La Jolla Game Room
10:30-11:45 Werewolves and Villagers 9+ Los Angeles
11:00-11:50 Cookie Decorating <9 San Diego
12:00-1:00 Math, Art & Puzzles <9 San Diego
12:00-1:00 Lawyers Games 9+ Los Angeles
1:15-2:00 How to Form Objects in Plastic <13 San Diego
1:15-2:30 Philosophers Circle* 13+ Los Angeles
2:00 Explore Hotel    
2:30-3:00 Snack Break ALL Hospitality
3:00-5:00 The Amazing Wizard of Paws ALL Catalina A-B-C

Older kids may continue to use the Game Room depending on whether their parents are ready to go or not.

*Philosopher's Circle – a discussion group to get young people thinking – is scheduled for 13 and older. It is open to people younger than 13, as long as the parents who accompany them sit across the room from the youth group in order to encourage independent thought.

These programs are open to, and intended for, both children and adults. Other programs on Sunday may also be of interest to children and teens. See the full schedule for details.

Kids Track on Sunday: $35 for one child, $25 for each sibling. Children who are registered either for the full-event or a two-day (Sun/Mon) registration do not need to pay extra for Kids' Track. One or two parents are admitted with their child.

Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult; youth 13-17 must have an adult on premises with a cell phone available.