Annual Business Meeting

All Mensa members (no guests, please) are welcome to find out what has happened in GLAAM during the preceding year and what the Board’s vision is for the future.

Food Sale

Please see Lee Stillman if you are interested in buying any unopened/unused beer or wine on Sunday at 10:00 am in Hospitality.

Games in our dedicated Game Room

Visit our Games page for much more information.

Generation X/Y Meet & Greet

Want to meet others your age? We are open to anyone interested in activities and discussions focused on people in Gen X (1961-1981) or Gen Y (1982-2004), which is anyone in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. Join coordinator Danielle Hanne and Hilary Foster at the Meet & Greet and get to know other (relatively) young Ms before we head out on the Pub Crawl!

GLAAM Awards

Greater Los Angeles Area Mensa has over 50 years of dedicated volunteer service that has made us the organization we are today and will be in the coming years. We celebrate the consistent and longstanding efforts of the amazing members who have given sustained and consistent service over the years. Along with new Hall of Fame inductees and changes in someone’s status, we present our Rookie of the Year and Member of the Year awards. All Hall of Fame honorees are encouraged to wear their badges and be present to celebrate the new inductees.

Ice Cream Social

Time can move slowly between lunch and dinner. On Saturday, let’s perk it up with an Ice Cream Social! Pick your flavor, add your topping, and enjoy!


Craig Lancaster

Media Exchange

Bring your unwanted books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, tapes or any media to the table for attendees to take home. Remaining items will be donated to a library or charity.

Mensa Testing

Invite your family and friends to take the official Mensa exam and see if they qualify for membership in Mensa. Feel free to stay and join us for the day’s festivities. Please sign up in advance! Contact Proctor Dave Felt and see his website.

Oldies But Goodies Try to Remember

Remember Sema? Jay? When Stratton’s Iraqi joke was new? When homes overflowed with people having fun at Mensa parties? Asilomar? Highland Springs? Return with us now to those thrilling days of yester year as our long time members reminisce and remember the good old days.


Joyce Francisco

Pub Crawl

Join us as we stroll from pub to pub on Friday evening. Crawlers will have a planned order of stops… but once the Crawl begins, there is no set time at each stop! This event is No-host - buy your own, or treat a friend.


Danielle Hanne and Hilary Foster

Regional Vice Chair Discussion and New Member Reception

Welcome New Mensans and regular members ready to hear how Mensa is doing! The RG is your chance to meet your fellow Mensans at GLAAM’s largest party of the year! The Region 9 RVC, Desiree Elliott, will update us on what is new in Mensa and what we can look forward to.

StaRGazers’ Lounge

Enjoy wine and a variety of beers along with pleasant conversation in our StaRGazers’ Lounge held in the special Suite on the third floor. Note: This is on a guest room floor, so please keep the conversation at a reasonable volume. Hours and available seating due to space may be limited.