Beatnik Coffeehouse

The Beatnik Coffeehouse is on again this year! It’s open mike and everybody is welcome to do their thing. Do a little stand-up comedy, recite your favorite poem, sing your favorite song, etc. No guitar or keyboard? No problem, both instruments will be there and I’ll be happy to try to provide live accompaniment to anyone who wants it. Just want to listen? That’s fine, too.

Friday Night Pub Crawl

We check out some of the hot spots in Beautiful Downtown Burbank. Van transportation between the general Pub Crawl area and the hotel will be available and crawlers will have a planned order of stops… but once the Crawl departs there is no set time at each stop! $5 fee.

LA Theatre Sports

Join us Saturday night at the StaRGazing Regional Gathering for an evening of improvised fun with LA Theatre Sports! At Theatresports, audiences will see a variety of scenes ranging from the comedic to the dramatic. Theatresports creates an evening of improvised theatre. We are fortunate to have a contingent of these merry thespians appear for our very own private show. Come watch as a play is written, directed, and acted in real time, right before your very eyes! This promises to be a Gathering entertainment evening like no other. We can’t wait to see you there! Here are the performers for LA Theatre Sports:


Jen is an actor, writer, & producer based in Los Angeles, originally hailing from Berkeley, CA. If you have a 5 year old, then you may recognize Jen as the voice of Mother on Nick Jr’s Olivia. When she’s not voicing a cartoon pig in a skirt, she is busy writing, producing and acting in films and sketches as well as voicing commercials and web-content for companies across the country. Find Jen in a re-run of the “Sweeney Todd” episode of NBC’s The Office, or in the feature film Ricky currently available for rental or on-demand. You can also follow her every-girl-Friday exploits in a skinny-glossy-L.A. world on her blog, Reiter is an actress and producer, known for The Living Worst (2016), Ricky (2010) and Days Together (2010).


Ted has never improvised in his life! Not when he was at Vassar College, not during his time in the Sunday Company at The Groundlings, not at UCB, and not in any of the commercials you may have seen him in! He doesn’t know how he ended up here tonight, it’s probably just one of those anxiety dreams, and he’ll wake up any second. Any second now. Like, now! Now. Oh boy, this could be a train wreck… Ted Cannon is an actor and writer, known for Party Girl (2016), Justified (2010) and How I Met Your Mother (2005).


Daniel Blinkoff is originally from New York City and is an Actor/Writer/Teacher. Daniel is thrilled to finally be working with Impro Theatre. Daniel was last seen as Father Reilly in The Belle of Belfast at EST. Other LA credits include: Macduff in Antaeus’s recent version of Macbeth (StagesceneLA Award-Outstanding Performance by an Actor); The Children at The Theatre at Boston Court (GLAAD Award Best LA Theatre, StagesceneLA Award Best Actor in a Comedy Drama); Dorian in Opus at the Fountain Theatre (LA Drama Critics Award, Ovation Award, and StageSceneLA Award-Best Actor); Major Barbara (Robby Award); An Italian Straw Hat, (Garland Award-Best Actor);The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow, School for Wives, Nostalgia, and A Christmas Carol at the South Coast Repertory Theatre; A Distant Shore at CTG; and Lunchpoet at The Yale Cabaret Blue. Film and television credits include: With Honors, Crossing the Bridge, Rockabye, Close to Home (recurring), Charmed, NYPD Blue, and Law and Order. Mr. Blinkoff is both a member of the Antaeus Theatre Company here in LA as well as The Actor’s Center in NYC. He received his MFA from The Yale School of Drama.


Robert Covarrubias is a native of Boyle Heights. He made his film debut in the cult low-rider classic Boulevard Nights (1979), which has aired on Turner Classic Movies. He performed with The Improvisational Theatre Project, a touring company out of the Mark Taper Forum 1978–80. He joined Cold Tofu Comedy in 1984, Los Angeles Theatresports in 1990. He first appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 1993. In the end he made over 250 Tonight Show appearances as various characters, The Shoe Bomber being his favorite.

He’s worked with Steven Spielberg on The Terminal and Alexander Payne on Sideways. Recently he appeared in Impro Theatre’s production of The Western Unscripted at the Falcon Theatre as a guest artist.


Nicholas Daly Clark is a writer and actor, known for Con Man (2015), Driving Arizona (2016) and Vicariously (2009).





Plus your host! PAUL HUNGERFORD

Actor/improviser/director, Paul been performed on stage, and in film and television for over 30 years. He has been in over 50 commercials, and in between, on such television shows as Greys Anatomy, Dirty, Sexy, Money, My Wife and Kids, and a recurring role on Bravo’s Significant Others. Paul’s film credits include Stark Raving Mad, Happy Holidays, and Hate: A Comedy, which won Best Short Film, at the Aspen Comedy Festival. His voice over work has been a part of Blizzard Entertainments. World of Warcraft: Mists of Panderia, and the animated cult hit short, Nougat. Winning Best Short, Late Night Series, SXSW Film Festival.

Magical Party and Show!

Dim the house lights and raise the curtain on a night of magical entertainment and fun! Play with magic tricks, impress us with your costumes, and earn prizes for showmanship and talent! Watch the professionals amaze us with brief floor shows and intimate tricks for smaller groups as they move throughout the crowd. The evening kicks off with presentation to the room by Dr. Frieden who will be followed later by Masato Kurushima.


  • Best Costume - Magician
  • Best Costume – Magician’s Assistant
  • Best Amateur Performance of a New Trick
  • Best Magician Impression (30 sec)

Gary Frieden Gary Frieden is a Magician Member of The Magic Castle in Hollywood. He delights in mystifying his audiences while generating lots of fun. He’s put together some great magic for our event. In real life, Dr. Gary is a Ph.D. psychologist and marketing research consultant.

Masato Kurushima Masato Kurushima has practiced for 13 years a magician member of the Academy of magical arts at the Magic Castle. Whether it’s stilling or setting up a table and having small groups at a time come watch, be at ease hosting the party as I entertain your guests with some impressive sleight of hand, charm with a little quick wit and a knack for entertainment. By the end of the night I will have you and your guests walking away saying, "Well… at least he was funny."

Annual Business Meeting

All Mensa members (no guests, please) are welcome to find out what has happened in GLAAM during the preceding year and what the Board’s vision is for the future.

Food Sale

Sale of unused food items and paper goods will begin at approximately 10:15 am Monday in Hospitality and/or the StaRGazers’ Lounge. Please bring cash. If you are interested in anything in particular, please notify Hospitality Chair Lee Stillman onsite as soon as possible. Great bargains!

Games in our dedicated Game Room

Visit our Games page for much more information.

Generation X/Y Meet & Greet

Want to meet others your age? GenX and Gen Y will get together to start the RG off right. We are open to anyone interested in activities and discussions focused on people in Generation X (1961–1981) or Y (1976–1990), which is anyone in their 20s, 30s, and 40s.

GLAAM Awards

Greater Los Angeles Area Mensa has over 50 years of dedicated volunteer service that has made us the organization we are today and will be in the coming years. We celebrate the consistent and longstanding efforts of the amazing members who have given sustained and consistent service over the years through induction into the Hall of Fame and recognition of different service levels. In this very brief ceremony, we celebrate and welcome new Hall of Fame inductees, acknowledge any changes in someone’s Hall of Fame status, and present our Rookie of the Year and Member of the Year awards. All Hall of Fame honorees are encouraged to wear their badges and be present to celebrate the new inductees.

Kids’ Track, Sunday, supervised by GLAAM Gifted Youth Coordinator Madeline Walker

Visit our Kids’ Track page for much more about our programs for children and parents.

Media Exchange

Bring your unwanted books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, tapes or any media to the table for attendees to take home. You don’t have to bring an item to take an item. Remaining items will be donated to a library or charity.

Mensa Testing

Invite your family and friends to take the official Mensa exam and see if they qualify for membership in Mensa. Feel free to stay and join us for the day’s festivities. Please sign up in advance! Contact Proctor Dave Felt at and see his website at

StaRGazers’ Lounge

Enjoy wine and a variety of beers along with pleasant conversation in our StaRGazers’ Lounge held in the beautiful Presidential Suite on the ninth floor. Note: This is on a guest room floor, so please keep the conversation at a reasonable volume. Hours and available seating due to space may be limited.


Cheese Tasting ($8), with Michael Wong

The dominance of the French cheeses can sometimes allow us to overlook the wonderful options from other countries in Europe. This year we will explore many exceptional non-French cheeses that are not as prevalent–but still tasty!